Shironamhin launches android app

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Members of Shironamhin band

Members of Shironamhin band

The fans of popular band Shironamhin can now get in touch with their favourite band through an android application titled Shironamhin.
The application is now available on different online portals and anyone can download it on their android phones. Through the application, the fans will be able to know everything about the band members, song lyrics, images and updates of the band’s activities.
Tuhin, the vocal of the band, told New Age that they launched the application a few days ago, considering the huge popularity of the band among people. ‘Now fans will be able to know more about us anytime,’ said Tuhin, who also informed that there is a way to send messages directly to the band members through the application. ‘In this way, we will be able to know more about what our fans want from us,’ added Tuhin.
Tuhin also further informed that currently they are working on uploading all the songs of the band on that application. ‘I hope the process will be complete in about a month and after that it will be possible to download our songs from the apps,’ told Tuhin.
He vocalist also said that they are currently busy with working on a few new songs which will be released during next Eid-Ul-Azha festival.
The band features Tanzir Tuhin on vocals, Zia on bass, Diat on lead guitar, Russell Kabir on keys and Shafin on drums.

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