Tuba Group factories closed

Staff Correspondent

Tuba Group authority has closed its factories at Badda in the city for an indefinite period.
Notifications, signed by the Tuba Group managing director, Delwar Hossain, posted on the gates of the factories on Monday, stated that the factories were closed with effect from June 11 under Section 13(1) of the Bangladesh Labour Act.
The section empowered an employer, in the event of an illegal strike by any section or department of any establishment, to close down either wholly or partly such section or department and the workers participated in the illegal strike might not be paid any wages for such closure.
The workers of five apparel factories of Tuba Group went on fast unto death day before Eid-ul Fitr for arrears of their wages for three months and allowances.
After 11 days, the workers were paid partial arrear wages and no festival allowance under arrangement of the Bangladesh Garment Manufacturers and Exporters Association.
The association had said that problems over the wages took place as the owner of the group was in jail.
Delwar Hossain, also the owner of Tazreen Fashions, in which at least 117 workers were killed in a fire accident in November 2012.
He had been in jail since February as the police had pressed charges against him for culpable homicide by negligence. He was released on bail on August 5.
Following realise of Delwar, the police stormed into the factories and drove out the workers who were on hunger strike.
Labour rights groups alleged that the police and the BGMEA forced workers to receive partial wages.
Despite repeated demand for reopening of the factories the owner closed the factories.
Garment Sramik Oikya Forum protested against the closure of the factories and announced to hold a protest rally today at Aftab Nagar in the city.
Garment Sramik Oikya Forum president Mushrefa Mishu said that factories were closed illegally only to deprive the workers of their lawful demands.

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