Another RMG unit closed partially

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The government-set review committee has asked the authorities of Dew Fashions Ltd which is located in Gazipur to evacuate top four floors of its six-storey building immediately due to structural faults.
Following a recommendation made by Accord on Fire and Building Safety in Bangladesh, the review committee on Tuesday visited the factory and found the faults in the building.
Accord, a platform of European brands and retailers, detected serious structural faults at the building of Dew Fashions and sent its findings to the review committee with the recommendation that the building should be evacuated.
The review committee is comprised of representatives from the government, Accord, Alliance for Bangladesh Worker Safety, BUET, BGMEA and BKMEA.
‘We have asked the factory authorities to evacuate top four floors of the building as experts found that the columns of the building are weak,’ Syed Ahmed, inspector general of the Department of Inspection for Factories and Establishment, told New Age on Thursday.
Syed, also the chairman of the review committee, said that the committee had asked the factory authorities to conduct detail engineering assessment of the factory building within six months.
Sources said that the factory authorities had already evacuated the floors as per the direction of the review committee.
DIFE officials said over 1,500 workers worked at the factory and most of them had been displaced due to the partial closer of the factory.
A total of 26 garment factories have so far been shut down following recommendations from engineers of the EU retailers group, sources said.
Till date, Accord recommended immediate evacuation for 20 factories in 16 buildings and the review committee fully or partially closed 13 factories in 11 buildings and allowed operation at seven other factories in five buildings under condition of implementing necessary corrective action plan.
The rest of the 13 closed factories were not on the list of Accord’s inspection but those were housed in the same faulty buildings with the 13 other factories closed (which were on the list of Accord’s inspection).
Accord in its annual report revealed on Wednesday said that the inspections for fire, electrical and structural safety had been completed in more than 800 garment factories and the retailers’ group found severe structural faults in less than 2 per cent of the factories.
‘Accord intends that all initial inspections will be completed by end September 2014,’ the report said.
Accord started inspection at over 1,600 garment factories in February this year.
After the Rana Plaza building collapse on April 24 last year that killed more than 1,100 workers, mostly women garment workers, the EU retailers and brands formed Accord while North American retailers formed Alliance to improve safety in Bangladeshi RMG factories.

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