Publication of Himal Southasian to be suspended

Staff Correspondent

Kathmandu-based Southasia Trust on Wednesday announced suspension of the publication of Himal Southasian due to what it said ‘non-cooperation by regulatory state agencies in Nepal’ that made it impossible to continue its operations.
In a statement issued on Wednesday, the Trust said its executive board on Monday decided to shut down the publication of the pioneering magazine promoting ‘cross-border journalism’ in the region after 29 years of publication.
‘Reflecting the trend in other parts of Southasia in terms of independent media and civil society organisations, Himal is being silenced not by direct attack or overt censorship but the use of the arms of bureaucracy to paralyse its functioning,’ reads the statement.
The Trust said it would continue to publish till November 2016 and meet all its outstanding obligations before suspension of operations.
The Trust added it would resume publication when circumstances in Nepal (or elsewhere) made it possible.

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