Reopening of Swan and Tuba Garments demanded

Staff Correspondent

The garment workers’ trade union centre on Friday at a human chain in the capital demanded reopening of the Swan and Tuba Garments immediately.
The not-for-profit labour organisation formed a human chain in front of Abul Hotel at Malibagh Chowdhuripara, in the afternoon, to press the demand.
Kazi Ruhul Amin, the general secretary of the organisation, said that the Swan Garments and Tuba Group had closed their factories unlawfully.
He demanded reopening of both the apparel factories, immediately.
The Swan garment factory was shut due to ownership crisis and fund crunch after its owner died four months ago. Tuba group has a different story. Its crisis had begun following a devastating fire in one of its sister organisation, Tazreen Fashions limited, in 2012. The factory caught a shocking fire on 24 November 2012, killing at least 117 people. Over 200 were injured.
Tazreen Fashions owner Delwar Hossain did shut his group as he landed in jail.
Chaired by garment labour leader Mohammad Shahin, the human chain was addressed, among others by Mahbub Alam, Sadequr Rahman Shamim, Joynal Abedin and Jahangir Alam.
The human chain was followed by a protest procession that paraded Badda-Rampura road.

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