Ensure rightful share of Teesta water

Rights activists demand

Staff Correspondent

Environment rights activists at a seminar in the capital demanded that the government clear its stance on the trans-boundary rivers including Teesta and expedite diplomatic negotiations with India for rightful share of water.
They underlined the need for proper management of the country’s rivers and water bodies to ensure better utilisation of water resources.
Association for Land Reform and Development, and Bangladesh Water Rights Forum jointly organised the seminar on water sharing of the trans-boundary rivers and prevention of water pollution and encroachment on rivers and waters bodies.
Syeda Rizwana Hasan, chief executive of Bangladesh Environmental Lawyers Association, said the cross-border River Teesta had been in the worst situation due to unilateral withdrawal of water by India.
She expressed her doubt whether Bangladesh would be given equal share of the river water since India had taken several projects withdrawing water from the common river and allowing a little to flow downstream in Bangladesh.
‘I don’t think they [India] will give us the fair share of water even if the Teesta water sharing treaty has been signed between the two countries,’ said Rizwana.
She said the life and livelihoods in the country’s north were seriously affected due to the low flow of the river water.

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