I thought my career was over: Kabir Bakul

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Kabir Bakul

Kabir Bakul

Kabir Bakul, who won the National Film Award 2013 for Best Lyricist, said he thought he had hit a career low after two relatively unproductive years since his attainment of three national awards in three successive years.
Bakul won the award for his lyrics of Ami Nissho Hoye Jabo in Shafi Uddin Shafi’s romantic drama film Purno Doirgho Prem Kahini, which also bagged two more awards for Best Male Singer and Best Composer, respectively won by Chandan Sinha and Kousik Hossain Tapash.
This is the fourth time that Bakul has won a national award for best lyricist, having previously won the same award in 2008, 2009 and 2010. ‘In 2011 and 2012, I didn’t get the award and I felt as though my career was over. This year’s award feels like a comeback to me,’ Bakul told New Age.
‘It’s not a mere achievement. It’s more than that; I got my confidence back and feel like I have a responsibility to continue penning quality lyrics for our films,’ Said Bakul, who heads the event and planning department of Maasranga Television.
‘Recently, I have been so engrossed in my job that I had little time for lyrics-writing. The award, that way, was a reminder of my true vocation,’ said Bakul, who considers himself a ‘head-to-toe’ lyricist.
Despite what he said about not having enough time, he hasn’t been entirely away from his vocation. He is currently writing lyrics for three upcoming films including Sweetheart, Warning and a sequel to Purna Doirgha Premkahini.
So far, Kabir Bakul has produced over 5000 lyrics, a majority of them for films while the rest were for studio albums. Some of the lyrics got tremendous feedback from the listeners including Jai Din Jai Ekaki, Keu Prem Kore Keu Preme Pore, Amar Majhe Nei Ekhon Ami, and Keno Ei Nissongota.
‘I have been into poetry-writing since an early age and have a few anthologies of poetry. It was around 1988 that I moved to lyrics-writing and eventually settled in that. And this is what I love doing most now.’

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